Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Feed Me

Feed Me is an alter ego of beloved musical genius, Jon Gooch. After a school friend introduced Jon to the world of dubstep, he began experimenting with software to create his own music. His beats are large and expansive, his lines are jagged, chopped up and run through a battle ground of distortion and synths. In fact, synths play a huge part in his tracks. He also released work under the names Spor, and Unicron. Spor may be the most familiar to you.

Feed Me

Jon Gooch's electro house side project, Feed Me has been rather successful. He released new stuff like Feed Me's Big Adventure, Feed Me's Escape From Electric Mountain containing tracks like Cloudburn, Talk To Me, One Click Headshot and Pink Lady. He gained new friends and fans.

"I'm currently enjoying a bit more diversity and creative freedom under the Feed Me alias, which is allowing me to explore a lot more visually orientated ideas as well as less genre constraint." He says. I suppose there’s some degree of satisfaction at knowing what to expect from a Feed Me release, and its obvious that he is doing everything in his powers to appease his new fans, but a lot of people agree, that Spor's creativity and intelligence has been reduced to simplicity and predictability. His music could be described as glitchy and fidgety, but albeit extremely easy to listen to electro house, that can be thick with elements of dubstep, but with an overwhelming sense of danceability. I think it's a wrong approach to jumble the work of his alter egos, the audience has to accept the difference between bass-heavy, glitchy dance music and electronica.

Here is a short advertising video about him while performing live. If Jon aroused your interest, visit him here or here.

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