Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Chinese Man

Chinese Man, signed by the label Chinese Man Records, is a french hiphop collective of Ze Mateo, High Ku and Sly. Its main influences are funk, dub, reggae and jazz. Sometimes two other artists participate in the creation of songs : Leo Le Bug and Le Yan. The group is particularly known for the piece I’ve Got That Tune, which was chosen by a large german automobile firm for an advertisement, as well as being the theme song for the french film festival in Hong Kong.

Chinese Man

Chinese Man have propagated their music with banners of their great war, impressing upon the people that making music, not war is more rewarding. With precise scratching and a mass of obscure samples, their emotional, melodic tunes remind me of african and asian traditional music as well.

Their songs have over predominantly dubby beats and an appealing syrup of mellow instrumental vibes. They've got 3 releases, Racing With The Sun and The Groove Sessions I and II. You can catch up on them here.

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