Saturday, June 30, 2012


Blissfully unconcerned with a world obsessed with categorization as a means of definition, Tigran Mkhitaryan crafts music for its own sake, defying expectations with genre bending soundscapes. Hailing from San Francisco and currently residing in Los Angeles, he began producing at the tender age of 17. Blessed with an abundance of talent and an ear for sonic experimentation, this guy has quickly developed a name for himself.


Ever ambitious and constantly in search of new avenues to explore, Mimosa recently formed his own record label, False Idol Musik. Thus far, the results have been staggering. The tracks are rare and beautiful, full spectrum sonic brushstrokes hovering in the ether. Mimosa's trademark sound is a clash between beautiful swirling synths, hiphop inspired piano hooks, beats and an excellent use of bass drops. Tigran's fresh release called Sanctuary works as one cohesive whole piece of work that finds him immersed in rhythm, encompassing and centered around something deep. However the album carries an authenticity by which his aesthetic appreciation of the origin of sound is fused with layers of various styles and textures. You should definitely listen to Sanctuary, which clearly constitutes the concept of high quality electronic music.

“I’m steering away from aggressive tones, but at the same time trying to find different avenues to get the same crowd response that a big bass drop would get.” He says. I agree with the audience complaining about dubstep going way too simple, bass-oriented and mainstream, so I appreciate this statement. You can get informed about Tigran on his website.

It’s clear that his versatility as an artist goes hand in hand with his refusal to be tied down by any particular sound or style. I’ll say it again, because it bears repeating, Mimosa has rare values worth listening to.

Sanctuary by Mimosa Ice Box by Mimosa Lullabyte by Mimosa

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