Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Selah Sue

Sanne Putseys was not destined to become an artist. “I grew up in a really little town in Belgium, and none of my family was into music.” reveals the 21 year old, with refreshing sincerity. It’s the story of a young musician who ignores her fate, and pours her anxieties into her songs and her guitar. She turns her doubts into soul, funk and reggae melodies, trying hard to be worthy of her idols like Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu and Bob Marley.

Selah Sue

She sang in local clubs
on the weekend and attended high school during the week. She recorded in home studios and published drafts of her songs on the internet, without a thought of making a career in music. Thousands of fans responded to her, attracting the attention of Because Music Label, which eventually led to a record deal for the young, talented musician.

Her first, self-titled album is ambitious, a smart melting pot between electric rock, organic hiphop and soul. Today, she has chart success with the hit singles Raggamuffin, Crazy Vibes and This World. To find out more about Selah Sue's world, please visit this website.

Crazy Vibes by Selah Sue Peace Of Mind by Selah Sue Break by Selah Sue

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