Monday, July 2, 2012


Sabrepulse is Ashley Charles, a London based musician with a passion for creating diverse electronic music using old and new technology. He has performed over 100 shows to crowds in the USA, Japan, Europe and South America.


He's very famous in the chiptune section of electronic music. If you're new to this genre, here is a short explanation: "Chiptune is synthesized electronic music often produced with the sound chips of vintage computers and video game consoles, as well as with other methods such as emulation."

He became one of those artists whom you can clearly feel the effects of dubstep. His releases are differing tempos, and even slightly experimental time signatures on occasion. In Sabrepulse's newest music the songs flow nice together. I would say that it got closer to conventional electronic dance music. Sabrepulse has done a great job incorporating some other subgenres of electronic music into his work. He has made a massive step forward.

These tracks are from his fresh release called First Crush. Arcanine is my personal favourite, its leading part up to the drop is fantastic. You can read more about him and his live performances here.

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