Thursday, August 2, 2012

Phutureprimitive: Kinetik

Addictive beats, heavy bass, sensual vocals, total immersion, all of these can be found in the newest, extraordinary album of Phutureprimitive, called Kinetik. This is a long awaited second release of the artist. The older one, Sub Conscious is less bass-centric and operates with longer tracks. Kinetik has a completely different, more ambient atmosphere, which opens a whole new dimension for the artist.

He has updated his sound in line with current musical trends, and expertly fuses heavy doses of dubstep and his trademark, melodic tendencies. Kinetik uses all the knacks of the new dubstep wave, but not the primitive way. His work demonstrates an influence from professional downtempo too.

As someone who only recently discovered Phutureprimitive, it will be a great adventure through a whole new world of dark, heavy electronic music. Perfectly timed beats and symphonic sounds are creating a great harmony, this music manages to be relaxing and motivating at the same time. Listening to this album was a really interesting experience, there weren't any tracks which I didn't like.

Here’s what Phutureprimitive has to say about the album: “This album is a reflection of the times we are living in, hard and aggressive, lush and beautiful, kinetic, frenetic, distorted, ever changing, but with each passing moment, a chance to move through life and make it a better place than we found it.”

The first track prepares you for the rest of the album, Cryogenic Dreams is simultaneously melodic and energetic, afterwards comes Kinetik and Xotica, both full of power due to their motion and fluidity of sound. They're very motivational, absolutely perfect for sports like running. Some of the tracks like The Changeling has heavy, powerful bass booming and deep, weighty vibes. In my opinion, there are two more notable songs, Ripple Effect and High Rez both have interesting human and digitally altered robotic vocals. These vocals on High Rez bring contrast to the heavy tone of the album with a more upbeat feel, still connecting to the rest of Kinetik with its choppy bass undertones. Synthy base lines overlay an irresistible rhythm created by digital percussion and intense melodic diversity in his work.
I think this is an album which can't be ignored.


Cryogenic Dreams
The Changeling
Rapid Cognition
Ripple Effect
High Rez
Predatory Instincts
Center Of Gravity

The Untz
Splendid Beats

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