Monday, August 27, 2012

Looptroop Rockers: Professional Dreamers

These swedish bastards are good at almost everything. They have a producer called Embee, who creates touching, soulful hiphop music you never heard before. He is also famous for forming Looptroop Rockers with Supreme, Cosmic and Promoe. Their proper swedish names are in order Magnus Bergkvist, Matias Lundh, Tommy Isacsson and Marten Edh.

Looptroop Rockers

The group was formed two decades ago, but they’ve been supporting themselves solely through music since they formed their label DVSG. Their secret is a strong work ethic made possible through the conviction that your business is your pleasure, and that the two perhaps shouldn’t be separated.

And that as a tight group, believing in and loving each other, no stumbling block can stop you, only make you stronger. With that strength comes the independence that makes you realize your worth and not sell yourself short in the cut throat music industry. And with maturity comes the humbleness that makes you realize your limitations and search for good partners and strong bonds in that same industry. Through the social sacrifices that have been the result of that lifestyle they have still never lost the ability to dream. The group's fifth release, Professional Dreamers has a lot of fantastic tracks imbued with this kind of spirituality. All of the songs got beautiful, high quality videos.

Embee's hard hitting beats, laced with deeply reflective melodies create an enchanting universe for the listener to explore. Lyrically, they’ve rarely wanted to waste people’s precious time with nonsense rhymes.

The messages, of politics, independence, love, life and death have appealed to people all over the world. With an incredible ability to recreate themselves, fans sometimes fear what will come next, but the Looptroop Rockers has always needed that constant evolution not to stagnate or get tired of themselves.

The album is independently spirited, colourful and musically individual, just as we got used to it from their older works. Also, I can feel the influence of new trends, especially on the beats. The instrumental intro, Don't Wanna Wake Up leads up perfectly the entirely release as well as the title track, Professional Dreamers. The whole album stays by this dreamy, extremely soulful and rhytmic vein with an intense electro impression. I fell in love with the vocals of Any Day. This Music Sounds Better At Night and Do are perfect examples of how simple beats can absorb the listener. El Clasico has a perfect symbiosis of cymbals and careful construction of drums which then make place for a wave of sampled vocals, really cool. However, my favourite tracks are Magic and Joseph, which give me an inredibly meditative, joyful affection. I think these are tracks I'll never get tired of. Professional Dreamers is an ode to everyone living their dream, and dreaming their lives.

Professional Dreamers

Don't Wanna Wake Up
Professional Dreamers
Any Day
This Music Sounds Better At Night
On Repeat
Sweep Me Away
Blow Me Away
El Clasico
Late Nights Early Mornings


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