Monday, June 4, 2012


Hailing from Los Angeles, Tyler Chase is making more than just hell of massive bass drops. Cryptex is a teenager glitch producer, whose dense rhythms and evocative electronic music have earned wide acclaim and dedicated followers in a remarkably brief period of time.

The son of two radio industry professionals, Cryptex grew up listening to hiphop, and discovered glitch hop after moving to Los Angeles. He was drawn to the genre’s unlimited potential to express emotion and relay a story, especially the unique, post-digital edginess of glitch music. After listening to everything he could find, he began producing his own remixes and original songs. He realised soon, there was no turning back from this. The world of electronic music absorbed him.


With strong influences from The Glitch Mob, Emancipator and Bassnectar, Tyler is captivated by the endless variety of sounds that can be created. It’s a truly limitless palette, where he can turn the familiar into the unknown and transform the unwanted into the irresistible.

Combined with an amazing rhythmic complexity, Cryptex never fails to be surprising and exhilarating. His reglitches are fulfilling my daily dose of awesomeness. You can get further information about him on this website. Also, don't miss out on his new release, Isolated Incidents. This stuff is serious, I mean really. Absolutely great future ahead this kid.

What You Talking About (Cryptex Reglitch) by Cryptex Headlock (Cryptex Reglitch) by Cryptex Heart Anthem (Cryptex Reglitch) by Cryptex

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