Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Beat Culture: Tokyo Dreamer

A ridiculously young korean guy called Sunik Kim creates experimental electronic music, incorporating sampled pianos, pitch-shifted vocals and synths under the name Beat Culture. Kim came from Hong Kong, but now he is attending a boarding school in the USA. There isn't too much further information about the artist himself on the web, so let's just judge him based on his music. The sound of water is a widely used effect in his art, which makes you feel peaceful and relaxed, however this kind of sound overflows a little bit in his work. You can hear a slight influence of Fourtet, Gold Panda and of course Burial. Beat Culture creates pieces that consist of catchy phrases and atmospheric beats that invoke a wide range of emotions.

Beat Culture

He is inexperienced, but deserves credit for making such art with so few years behind him. I think his coolest virtue is having a very unique style. Despite the whole album quite sounds the same, believe me when I say, this is one of the best sampled, chilling electronic music out there.

Kim is a very ambitious musician who is trying to put his own stamp on the scene. He is currently unsigned and releasing his music to the masses on Bandcamp for an arbitrary price. If you have a few unwanted dollars, throw them Sunik’s way to help fund his journey into the depths of the electronic music industry.

Every song of Tokyo Dreamer is an intelligent mix of intricately placed beats and samples across a wide range of sources and sounds. This album suggests that Beat Culture will be one to keep an eye out for in the future. I think his former work, Goldenbacked Weaver offers the same quality, but with less outstanding tracks.

Starting with sound effects of crashing waves, Shoreline is a perfectly balanced track with exciting sounds telling you to continue your trip. A special mention for You’re Hard To Resist with ethereal sounds, catchy beats and ever surprising progression, this track definitely stands out. Coastal Sentiment starts off with classic drums which then roll back to make place for a wave of remixed vocals, that gently break over the listener. Stars bears it’s name righteously starting off with chopped up high-pitched notes that dazzle the listener, before letting him glide into zero gravity with Midori and Complete Me. The penultimate pleasure maker, Before You Go is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. Highly recommended. I have nothing more to say.

Tokyo Dreamer

You're Hard To Resist
Coastal Sentiment
If Only
Complete Me
Before You Go
Tokyo Dreamer

Cafe Maroon
Music Liberation
Cool Thanks

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