Monday, May 14, 2012

Andreya Triana: Lost Where I Belong

An experimental singer and songwriter, a mysterious, angelic voice, that you can easily fall in love with. Andreya Triana began singing at the age of 7, taking influence from the sights and sounds of London. This extraordinary girl was clearly a music addict as a little one, and she hasn't changed a lot since then. She has a beautiful, deadly weapon, that was mentioned above, her voice. It's addictive. One more thing, she's really pretty. Check out her website.

Andreya Triana

A collaboration with worldwide famous triphop producer, Flying Lotus brought her success a few years ago. After gaining some reputation, she went touring America with Simon Green's Bonobo Live Band, played on the BBC Introducing stage at Glastonbury, and signed a three album deal with Ninja Tune Records.

After taking part in Bonobo's highly recommended album, Black Sands, Andreya finally breaked out on her own with an album entitled Lost Where I Belong. The album was produced by Simon, with label mate artist Fink also stepping up to co-write two tracks. With these names on the list, my expectations became very high. Luckily she didn't disappoint me.

I have a strange feeling while listening that much of the album sounds like songs you’ve always known and loved. It's also intellectually impressive, her lyrics are highly gentle and fragile. Andreya's live performances also have what it takes.

The carefully constructed running order ensures that Lost Where I Belong doesn’t get too harrowing. The opening song, Draw The Stars truly transports the listener to the realm of imagination, as if the notes are raining down from the twinkling stars themselves. The whole album stays by this dreamy, extremely soulful vein. Darker Than Blue and Daydreamer are both flooded with a fantastic, indescribable atmosphere. The horns add a whimsical jazz flavour that beefs up Up In Fire, while Far Closer has a warm, organic feeling that's bolstered by all manner of different instrumentation, from harps to violins. The closing song, X is filled with so much sorrowful emotion, that you can't even handle anymore. The painful goodbye of this nostalgic and relatively simple song ensures that even after the last note sounds, the remnants of a twinge of heartache is left resounding in your chest. The album needs more than a few plays for listeners to really get comfortable with it, but once that work is put in, you won't be able to put it down.

Lost Where I Belong

Draw The Stars
Lost Where I Belong
A Town Called Obsolete
Darker Than Blue
Far Closer
Something In The Silence
Up In Fire

Drowned In Sound
Hifi Cartel

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